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Melco’s EMC line of embroidery machines uses a feature known as the Melco Network that provides communication between EDS and the machines. This network was implemented in EDS II, EDS III, and ENS. Originally, the Melco Network consisted of software and an ISA networking board that plugged into the user's PC. Computers produced in recent years contain PCI connectors rather than ISA connectors. For this reason Melco has developed a Melco Network PCI board (which plugs into PCI connectors) that provides the same functionality as the Melco Network ISA board. This document provides installation/configuration instructions for both of these network boards.


Melco Network PCI Board Installation Instructions

The Melco Network PCI board is ONLY compatible with the following Windows operating systems:
• Windows 98
• Windows ME
• Windows 2000
• Windows XP (32-bit Only)
• Windows VISTA (32-bit Only)

Please note that to use the Melco Network PCI board, you must be running ENS Version 2.0.002 or higher, either installed from the standalone ENS CD or from the DesignShop CD (Version 4.02.038, Release 060403.0, or higher). The Melco Network PCI board does not communicate with EDS III or earlier versions of ENS.

Follow the procedures below to install the Melco Network PCI board.
Installing the Melco Network PCI Board
1. Shut down and turn off the computer, then remove the case from the computer.
2. Discharge any static charge in your body by touching a non-painted area of the computer frame.
3. Locate an empty PCI slot and remove the blank plate for the slot.
4. Install the Melco Network PCI board into the computer and secure it with a holding screw.
5. You are now finished installing the Melco Network PCI board and can replace the computer case.

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