Frequently Asked Questions about Mighty Hoops

How do the Mighty Hoops work?

The Mighty Hoop is a strong magnetic hoop, which can be used on almost any embroidery machine. It snaps into place, making hooping quick and very accurate.

Mighty Hoops reduce hoop burn, and stress on arms and wrists while providing a very tight hold on your garment. You can hoop the impossible with Mighty Hoops, even Carhartt!

What is a Hooping Station/Station Kit?

A Hooping Station is a board that allows you to line up your garment very precisely. It has a number and letter grid which allows you to document the placement for repeat orders. There are different sized Hooping Stations including the Infant, Medium, Regular (standard size that comes with most kits), and XL.

You can adjust the position of your sew out by moving the fixture into different positions on the Station.

A Station Kit will include the Station and depending on the kit selected, may include the Fixture, T-Square, Portable Base, and a Mighty Hoop.

What are fixtures and why are there different sizes/types?

The fixture is what positions the hoop and snaps it into place.

The different sized fixtures align with the different sized Mighty Hoops. For instance, the 5.5" fixture works with the 5.5" Mighty Hoop. The 4.375" round fixture works with the 4.375" round Mighty Hoop, and so on.

There are also adjustable fixtures which are designed to work with multiple sizes of hoops. To see which sized hoops work best for which adjustable fixture, refer to the adjustable fixture product description.

Each sized Station will require it's matching sized adjustable fixture. Ie: infant station will require and infant adjustable fixture. XL station, the XL adjustable fixture, and so on.

Why are Mighty Hoops different colors?

The color of the Mighty Hoop does not indicate the strength of the Mighty Hoop. It has to do with Mighty Hoop's internal manufacturing process.

What Mighty Hoop will work with my Embroidery Machine?

Mighty Hoops are designed to work with a huge variety of embroidery machines. Though some Mighty Hoops will only fit on certain machines.

To see which Mighty Hoops fit your embroidery machine, go to the Mighty Hoop page and select your machine type from the list of the left.

Will the Mighty Hoop magnet ever lose its strength?

Mighty Hoops are made with neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets and will lose a small fraction of their performance every 100 years if maintained within optimum working conditions. In other words, Mighty Hoops should be your friend for life!

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