Mighty Hoop-Square 14"

Brother/ Babylock 10 Needle Only: Brother Babylock 10 needle Machine
Brother 10 Needle: Brother 10 Needle
$229 USD


This hoop was designed for the Brother and Babylock 10-needle Machines ONLY. The hoop will work on the “B” Frame arms. You will also need to use the Flat Table that comes with your machine and the Split Design Software. The machine will use this hoop and sew two parts. The first part will go into the machine and sew the first design. Then you will take the hoop out and put the hoop in backwards to sew the second design. Because of this, only Flat items like Blankets, Quilts, Towels and large thick jackets will work. No tubular items such as T-shirts, Sweatshirts or bags.

The inside dimension of this hoop is 14.8 x 15.81”
(14“ x 16”, or 376mm x 402mm)
Actual sewing area
approximately 13.75” x 13.75" (349mm x 349mm)

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