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Melco EMT 16 Plus 16 Needle Commercial Machine

Melco EMT 16 Plus 16 Needle Commercial Machine

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Machine is Packaged with 
Power Cord
8 Hoops ( new ) 2 of each 12,15,18 CM & 30 x 36CM
1 Red Cap Driver & 2 Cap Frames
1 Cap Gauge
Tool Kit
Ethernet Cross over Cable
Design Shop Lettering , Editing & Digitizing with Vector graphics option V11 
OS Flex Plus V11



Shipping to USA is available . Approx $550.00 to most locations Excluding Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico.

We will require you to apply for a Customs broker number before we can ship. Please contact us for further information at


Many start-ups initially invest in a single Melco EMT16 PLUS. An entrepreneur can learn embroidery for a minimal up-front investment, and add machines as needed. EMT16 PLUS is packed with advanced features, enabling quality embroidery at high speeds on a wide variety of products. With 16 needles, plenty of color options are available. Sew speeds up to 1500 stitches per minute will produce even the largest, most complex designs quickly. A large sew field, and a variety of accessories and attachments give this embroidery machine the flexibility to embroider logos, monograms, and many other designs on hats, bags, polo shirts, backpacks, towels, and dozens of other products. Here are some other great reasons to make Melco EMT16 PLUS your first machine: • Melco EMT16 PLUS is easy to learn. • Multiple training options are available, including on-site training and online webinars. • Excellent customer service. • 1 Year Limited Warranty—the best warranty in the industry!. • Adding machines in the future is easy. • Embroidery design software is included with your machine. Choose one of three software options to fit your business.

Businesses that grow over time will greatly benefit from having the ability to easily add machines to their network as-needed. Multi-head configurations are highly efficient, the entire network is controlled and monitored from a single, computer system running Melco OS. However, each embroidery machine operates independently of the others. This means that a bobbin change or thread break on one machine will not affect the other machines. They will continue to produce while that machine is temporarily off-line. Here’s another scenario. Imagine you’re in the middle of a high-volume production run, all of your heads are working to produce a left chest logo on a polo shirt. An order comes in for 10 hats, and it’s a rush job. With EMT16 PLUS, you can pull a single head from the production run and set it up to produce the hat order without stopping production on the polo shirts. This is all done on the same system, using the same computer on a single network. • Melco EMT16 PLUS is designed for commercial, high-output production. • The modular, mobile system can be configured as needed for your specific situation. • ROI is achieved in as little as 11 months, based on an average of 5 embroidered garments per day, or about 45 minutes of machine run time per day.


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