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The boring needles come in packs of two, and can last for thousands of punches.

Replace one of the conventional sewing needles in your embroidery machine with our new punching needle, and you can use it to cut through the material in your hoop for a variety of applications. The  needle does not need to be oriented in any particular rotational position, and is shorter than a sewing needle, as it only needs to penetrate the material, and not interact with the rotary hook/bobbin.

Can be used in ANY standard Multi-Needle embroidery machine!
Design Cutouts Like Lace or Sewn Eyelets on Standard Embroidery Machines

Create beautiful, cutout patterns surrounded by embroidery without awkward and expensive boring attachments. 

Our  #ESC-PUNCH Punch Pins (boring needles) let you use your standard embroidery machines to produce all shapes of cutout designs combined with your embroidered patterns. No need for special offset boring attachments which are not only awkward, but very expensive, too.
The Punch Pin is normally installed in the first or last needle bar (so you can remember where it is).  An outline is sewn around the area to be punched out to stabilize the material and backing.  Program the Punch Pin to fill in the outlined area. The designated area is then punched out, followed by the sewing of the rest of the embroidery pattern. You can even make eyelets in finished hats.

Specially shaped, sharpened, and hardened points allow for accurate, clean cuts repeatedly.



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