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EMC COMPUTER TO RUN EP1 & EMC Series Equipment

EMC COMPUTER TO RUN EP1 & EMC Series Equipment

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We have available from time to time refurbished Windows 95/98 Computers with Melco Network Cards to control EP1 & EMC peripherals. All Computers are Refurbished by outside computer experts. All will be tested on EMC machines prior to shipping.

Configurations will vary. All will have ENS ( Embroidery Network Software ) Some will be configured with Design Shop V5, EDS111 or EDS 1V. Please call our offices at 1-888-805-8631 for availability. 

Due to shipping costs it is only viable to ship the Computer Tower, Mouse & Keyboard. You will need to source your own Monitor if one is required. Pricing includes Configuration , Network Card , ENS Software & a Pre Owned Design System  as well as Brand New Key Board & Mouse. that will vary depending on availability. We will not sell the computer separate from the package. We are basically reselling these vintage computers at cost. We can not warranty the computer. 

Email us at for details on what we have available as well as your requirements

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