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Crest-Pro Adhesive

Crest-Pro Adhesive

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Strengthen your crests, and give them the option to be heat-transferable with Crest-Pro Adhesive. 

This high strength adhesive can be heat-pressed to the back of a crest or patch, allowing that patch to then be heat attached to a garment.

Available in rolls 30cm wide, and in 2 lengths; 50 yards and10 yards.


Make your crests and patches heat-attachable using our new Crest Pro Adhesive.

Simply place a piece of Crest Pro Adhesive on the back of your patch or sheet of patches, and place into a heat press at 160 degrees Celsius for 20 seconds. 

Then, peel away the protective backing, and your patch is ready to press onto virtually any garment using the same time and temperature settings.

When applying the patch to the garment, please ensure you allow the adhesive to fully cool before testing the hold.   This will take around 20 minutes. 


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