COMPUTER TO RUN EP1 or EMC 1, 6 or 10 Equipment

Save $475 USD

$1,875 USD $2,350 USD


Refurbished Windows 95/98 Computer. Hewlett Packard  with Melco Network Cards to control EP1 & EMC   peripherals. All Computers are Refurbished by outside computer experts. All will be tested  prior to shipping.

ENS ( Embroidery Network Software )

EDS111 Design Software with Parallel Dongle

Keyboard & Mouse

Due to shipping costs it is only viable to ship the Computer Tower, Mouse & Keyboard. You will need to source your own Monitor if one is required. Pricing includes Configuration , Network Card , ENS Software & a Pre Owned Design System  as well as  Key Board & Mouse. We are basically reselling these vintage computers at cost. We can not warranty the computer. 

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