Brother PR & Babylock-PR600-2 SET

$599 USD


Brother PR2 & Babylock2

The PR600–2 is the perfect choice for embroidering smaller difficult to hoop items such as purses, back packs and small totes. Expand your product offerings and stay ahead of your competition! Open the world of embroidery to items that previously were impossible to sew on: leather portfolios, tote bags, heavy and thick items and more– the possibilities are endless.


Rail Mounted Clamping System. Designed to fit on Brother PR600 / 620 / 650 / 1000 and Babylock models. Includes an 8×5 and 11X5 window.

Clamping System Features
  • Single lever opens, closes and locks the clamp.
  • (2) interchangeable window sizes to choose from.
  • Mounts directly to machine drive bar for positive attachment.
  • All metal construction, powder coated aluminum & stainless steel.
  • The clamp automatically adjusts to different fabric thickness.
  • Clamping action does not leave “hoop burns”
  • Clamp stays on the machine while loading and unloading.

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