Clearlon Monofilament Thread

Clearlon Monofilament Thread & Canister: Canister Option
$68.20 USD


A&E‘s Clearlon® is a monofilament nylon sewing thread often sewn in blindstitch operations and quilting on soft home products. Clearlon® is also used for specialty industrial application where thread stiffness and stitch removal are required. Clearlon® available in a clear, translucent color, blending with many colors.

This specialized nylon thread sews well on blindstitch sewing machines, minimizing thread changes and machine adjustments to provide an efficient sewing process. 

Clearlon® is regularly used in the sewing of soft home products, mattress and bedding, automotive, collars and cuffs in dress shirts, quilting operations, and specialty industrial applications.

- Size .007

- Net weight 0.78 kg


Available with or without Canister. Canister not sold separately

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